Wood Entry Console Table Ideas

16 Most Recommended Entry Table Ideas (+ Design Tips)

I believe no one would like to see a messy, dirty, and unorganized room the very first time you enter the house. Especially when you have guests and your messy room is welcoming them. You would be more stressed because of this situation.

The key is to organized and style your hallway or entryway. No need to have a lot of stuff, it’ll work just with an entry table and mirror or less. It’s all about putting together furniture, décor, rugs, and lighting that create a wow factor as soon as you or guests walk in the front door. Whatever your style, you can do whatever you want and choose the right entry table for you.

Check out our most recommended entry table ideas and go style your entryway happily!

1. Simple Entry Table for Minimalist Entryway

Simple Entry Table for Minimalist Entryway

Let’s get started with a fresh look entry table idea! White is a very versatile color and also gives a neat and clean look. You can style your entryway by choosing a white – organic shaped entry table. It’s the best choice for you who love to style your entryway with minimalist design.

You will not need much, try to combine grey blue accent and vintage rug will make it stunning. Also, a hint of gold accessories will be a good match for this style as you can see in the picture. As you know the most famous quote “less is more” is really shown in this design.

2. Wood Entry Console Table Ideas

Wood Entry Console Table Ideas

This Scandi-inspired entryway is another series of minimalist design. Of course, the white wall is absolutely the best color that will fit this design. A wood console table is the best choice that you can have. There are various types of a console table, you can pick anything you desired.

Seamless mirror on the wall, a modern gold lamp, a stack of reading materials, and a bit of greenery are all you really need to style a statement-making space.

3. Rustic Console Table

Rustic Console Table

As one of our recommendations for entry table ideas is the Rustic Console Table. Rustic furniture gives a warm look that your guests will immediately notice. Rustic and vintage are somehow match to each other.

In this picture, you can see the unfinished console table. Woven baskets are stacked underneath to provide the homey look and additional storage. The curve of the lamps and wall mirror create a complete rustic – vintage look.

4. Contemporary Entry Table

Contemporary Entry Table

A contemporary entry console table is one of our most recommended entry table ideas. It will add a fancy touch to your house, and with just small efforts. It’s really matched to you with a happy, fun, and energic spirit.

This contemporary console table is a great addition to your home whether you’re looking for a glamorous plant stand or a simple place to put your mail. The curved entryway table adds quirky elegance to your home’s entrance.

5. Barnhouse Entry Table Idea

Barnhouse Entry Table Idea

Have you ever heard about the barn house before? Barn style house plans feature simple, rustic exteriors, perhaps with a gambrel roof or absolutely barn doors. A classic aesthetic with timeless appeal.

This entry table idea is inspired by barn house design and it’s very easy to adopt. You can use your old furniture and turn it into the new one. Repurpose the function into an entry table, place a tray and stack of reading stuff, and do not forget to put greenery. Lastly, the woven storages will make it more fun!

6. Modern Farmhouse Entry Table

Modern Farmhouse Entry Table

Farmhouse décor is always related to the unfinished – finished furniture. The shape and color are the identities of this style. You might need to look other farmhouse décor at Corner Fireplace Ideas.

As you can see in the picture above, this style creates a warm but fresh ambiance using a wood table and woven baskets. The organic mirror shape also completes the look.

7. Narrow Console Table and Mirror as It Best

Narrow Console Table and Mirror as It Best

Do you know what you should have the most to decorate your entryway? Yes! It is an entry table (in any type) and a mirror. These two are the perfect duet that will turn your entryway amazingly. But what about if you have a small or even narrow room? Don’t worry, look at these pictures.

First, you can try with a narrow console table. Then place the accent mirror or any mirror (any shapes but mostly the round) above it. You can just place it on or hang it on the wall by considering the scale of the items. Do not forget to place the tray for your stuff, or anything that you really need. Last, don’t forget the greeneries to make it more alive. Voila!

Creating an impact through entryway table composition may sound simple, but you can end up with an awkward combination without good planning. Here are some tips to compose an entryway table style that will works for your house:

  • Consider the space

An entryway table should not become another clutter. Consider the size of your entryway and choose table style that accommodates the space. If possible, choose a table with wheels on the legs to make moving it easier.

  • Do not over décor

It is tempting to decorate your table with various trinkets but remember to avoid clutter. Depending on the size of the table, make sure that half of them are functionals. For example, you can adorn the table with vintage clock, key box, and potted live plant. Leave empty space to do things such as quick note-taking or putting your car key.

  • Consider the size of the mirror

Adding a mirror on the top of your entryway table will provide decorative and practical purposes. Make sure the mirror can properly fill the empty space above the table (you should measure the empty wall space before buying the mirror). Make sure guests with average heights can see their faces in the mirror without bowing. Choose a mirror with a unique frame that matches your table.

  • Get creative with the table style

Some of these tables have unique styles. One was made of an old sewing machine. Another one was built from a bench construction plan. You don’t have to get stuck with the usual idea for entryway table and think about which old furniture at home you can repurpose!

Using these tips, you can create a unique entryway table style that matches your personality.

8. Airy and Functional Entryway

Airy and Functional Entryway

Here is an airy and functional entry table ideas. Creating a functional entryway, even with minimal space, is achievable with just a few items. And just a couple touches help to greet your guests.

If you don’t have many things and want to keep it simple, you can try to use a floating shelf at your entryway. Use sofa bench, these are great for more space for people to drop things they don’t want on the floor but can’t necessarily hang. Lastly, hang a mirror as it compliments and other necessities.

9. The Small Entryway with a Multipurpose Bench

The Small Entryway with a Multipurpose Bench

No well-appointed entry is complete without a comfortable place to sit. In a small space, you can be creative by making multipurpose furniture. As you can see in the picture above, a bench with storages and shoe shelves is replacing the table that is usually used in the entryway.

A simple bench completed with a cozy cushion and plant. Functional wood wall hooks and the rug doubling as décor. Be inspired by this entry table ideas!

10. Bohemian Entryway with Black Accent

Bohemian Entryway with Black Accent

Feeling a bit casual but stylish? This bohemian entry table idea especially for you. With plain white paint, you can maximize the concept by using black accent macramé and of course a black bench as the entry table. Adorn it with colorful printed pillows and you’re on your way to creating a bohemian room.

Also, the black accent rug will complete your bohemian entryway. Let’s brighten up the room by adding some plants and its neutral décor scheme.

11. Textured Entry Table Ideas

Textured Entry Table Ideas

One of the design trends in 2020 is playing with texture. This time, the entry table ideas that we offer are using cane or rattan. The cane can be also used in other furniture such as TV stand in TV stand Ideas, Bench or Chairs and so on. With the need for a place to store your stuff, you can try to use this cane storage as your entry table.

The natural material combined with various shapes of vases will make it look awesome. Hang a big painting to adorn the look. Get inspired by this entry table ideas and try to mix and match cane furniture with any style you like.

12. Luxurious Grey Entry Table

Luxurious Grey Entry Table

Grey is a sophisticated color that will look best in any condition. It can be modern, classic, or contemporary. This grey entry table idea gives a luxurious ambiance by using a gold accent mirror, vases, and tray. The table itself has a classic touch with drawers and shelves to store your stuff. The look completed by using dried flowers with transparent vas.

13. Modern Red Entry Table

Modern Red Entry Table

For a pop of color in your room, try an entryway table in bright red. It helps give an entryway a good contrast and makes the table the focal point of the room. Keep it small, because if it is too big, the red can become overpowering. Don’t forget to add a few accents to give it a personal touch.

14. Inspired Pantone Classic Blue Entry Table

Inspired Pantone Classic Blue Entry Table

As a reference, the color trend for this year is Classic Blue. If you are looking for an idea to redecorate your entrance, you might check this entry table ideas. You can try to decorate your entryway by choosing this classic blue color for your entry table.

Of course, you should hang an accent wall mirror to complete the look. Also, put a stack of reading materials, a bowl or tray, and flowers in vas. Here you go! Your blue entry table is already set.

15. DIY Wall Hook for Small Entryway

DIY Wall Hook for Small Entryway

For you who have a limited budget but wanted a chic small entryway, you can try these entry table ideas. Each picture shows no table or bench or chair but the wall hook. This usually happens when you don’t have enough space. Ideal for organizing outerwear, hats, bags, and anything else that might end up on the floor, hooks make it easy to make the most of a space with minimal square footage.

This idea is for you who love soft and subtle colors. Place a wooden hook with pink pastel color. Then, hang a round mirror on the top of the hook and also a flower pot to make it more fun and fresher look.

The other one is for you who love vintage décor. The vintage vibes represented by using bold wall color and stainless hook combined with wood plank. Adorn the hook with polka dot wallpaper and wall art frame. For other DIY ideas you can check CD and DVD Storage Ideas.

16. Small but Classic Entryway

Small but Classic Entryway

Another entry table ideas for a small entryway slash hallway, It’s a classic entryway. Creating the classic vibes in small space seems impossible, but let me show you how to get it!

Set the entryway with a wall color that you like or match with your house interior scheme. First, don’t overcrowd your entryway. Choose a wood table or a chair or a bench which is fit your need. Then hang a round mirror with a gold accent on top of it. Last, place a potted plant next to the bench. Just it!

In order to get a great “first impression” with your entryway, it’s important to see this area as an initial glimpse into your personality. You can be simple and minimalist, or be classic and contemporary. Whatever your style is, you need to take a note on this.

If you’re investing time and money into decorating your entryway or entire home, really consider the things you’ll appreciate long-term. We hope you get inspired with our most recommended entry table ideas!


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